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Working with Mr. Perfect

The driving force behind our success is our convincement that the best service can only be provided by people who are genuine and therefore have fun in their work, so that it often doesn’t really feel as ‘work’. Of course, that applies even more within erotic service. Therefore, it’s our mission to take care of and protect the most important part of our company: YOU!


Partly due to the increase in media attention and representation in movies and series, more men think of a life as a high-class gigolo. Not even merely for the financial benefits, this is only an extra benefit and should not be your driving force. Mostly, you need to enjoy the eroticism, attention, temptation, and excitement. 

Mutual expectation

Even more than in other industries, mutual trust and communication are the key words for success in this profession. We take care of your privacy and ensure a pleasant and trustworthy clientele. It is advisable to let us know your expectations during the first conversation. We shall also speak about our expectations and we will discuss the application process carefully. 


Our clientele exists of both Dutch and international clients. They are all in their own way interesting, well educated, cultivated, respectful, and good company. They expect the same from you. In other words: a higher standard than in regular escort, which creates a win-win situation for both you and our clientele.

Core values

During our intake process, we shall tell you everything about us, our approach, and we shall carefully explain the roll of a high-class gigolo. All men that want to join our company have to represent our core values: discretion, class, and courtesy.

Working together

In the event of an agreement between us, we will educate you to become a real professional. We won’t just leave you on your own, we educate every new man individually through our self-developed course. We shall discuss everything in detail during this course and we will give you the right tools you need to be successful. The intake process takes about 2 to 3 weeks. In theory, you should be able to do your first booking within a month of your application.

When do you qualify?

Next to the obvious characteristics, such as a positive appearance and a stylish and well-taken care of look, you qualify if:

  • You are between 25 and 55 years old
  • You are free to do what you want and you are not forced  
  • You work or study on minimally MBO 4 level 
  • You are in good shape and have smooth skin
  • You are 1.80m or taller
  • You are empathetic 
  • You possess excellent social and communicative skills 
  • You possess an empathetic, adventurous, and playful personality
  • You have a tempting style and you know how to work it 
  • You are both emotionally and financially independent 
  • You speak fluent English, preferably also Dutch or next to English you have another Western language as your mother tongue (French, German, Spanish etc.)

Other important things

  • You possess a West-European BSN-number (identification number) and passport
  • Your body is in good shape
  • You are into fashion and dress yourself manly and groomed
  • You don’t have big tattoos
  • You don’t have big piercings or these are removable
  • You are always on time and punctual
  • You have a driver’s licence and you can travel on your own
  • You are a confident, strong man, who knows and protects his own boundaries that a lady respect
  • You obviously love sex and the art of temptation
  • You are not too small

If you don’t fit these demands, but you still think you could be a valuable addition to Mr. Perfect? Please fill out the application form. We will review it and respond.


You can apply through our application form at Mr. Perfect. Fill out your information completely and truthfully. All forms that are not filled out completely will not be reviewed. Of course, we don’t just need your information, we also want to know how you look. Upload a couple recent photos of yourself at the bottom of the form. Minimally one close-up (face) and two photos of your whole body, front and back (with underwear).

If you haven’t had any reaction after 5 days, please check your junk-mail and contact us.

Talk to you soon,


Mr. & Mrs. Perfect

Looks & inside

It is the mix of looks, character, and style that makes you a real high-class gigolo. Sex-appeal is not solely determined by your looks, but rather the total package and the effect that has on people around you. You know how to make others around you interested and intrigued with your appearance and personality. Moreover, you are genuinely interested in the world and others around you. Character, style, and class are the most important qualities you need on your way to the highest segment.

Norms and values

We are fair, professional, and dedicated to both our gigolos and our clients. We combine personality and professionalism on such a way that our service is optimal. Next to that, respect, transparency, and discretion are our core values. We like to invest in longer-term relationships and that is why we find it important for you to feel at home at Mr. Perfect. We will do our best for this, but we expect the same from you.

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