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Fifty Shades of Perfect

An erotic interplay with a naughty edge

For this experience a minimum of 3 hours is required

Starting from €750,-

Escape the busy reality for a bit and lose yourself in your naughtiest fantasies. Let yourself be guided by one of our high-class gigolos and enjoy an erotic experience with a naughty edge. Our gentlemen will take you into the world of submission, bondage, and spanking. Visualize a handsome, muscular man that looks deeply into your eyes, knows what he wants, ties you, strokes your body and adores you. He will make you lose yourself in the moment and ‘punish’ you in the right way if you don’t follow the rules.

We recommend to make your wishes known to us beforehand. If you share your wishes with us, we shall ensure a fitting session. De possibilities are endless, so please ask your questions. Our gigolos won’t cross your boundaries. For experiences like these, we have a couple of codes. In this way, you are letting know how you are experiencing the session. Please take note of the codes beforehand.

Green = I find this too soft
Orange = I find this pleasurable
Red = Stop!

The codes are created because it can be unclear what is meant during a session. The things that are being said, could also be part of the game. Words like ‘Ouch’, ‘No’ or ‘Stop’ could have a double meaning. Do you really mean no? If the gigolo then stops the play, it can be really disappointing. The safety of both our clients and gigolos are very important and, in this way, we ensure that.

Our gigolos look forward to give you this experience that you will enjoy for long afterwards!

Tip: Do you like exclusive BDSM or SM-locations? Then we definitely recommend inviting your ‘Mr. Perfect’ to one of these luxurious locations.

Examples of (BD)SM-locations:

SPNKD: https://www.spnkd.com/ in Antwerp: This is a luxurious studio designed for the most kinky fantasies, but in style.

The Kinky Suite in Amsterdam: https://www.thesuite.amsterdam/ A luxurious and erotic Bed and Breakfast. Everything is possible here.

The Fun House in The Hague: https://www.thefunhouse.nl/over-ons.html This is a store where you can buy special SM-attributes such as: sex-toys, clothing, fetish-items, whips, and much more.

The Fun Factory: https://www.thefunfactory.nl/ A kinky Bed and Breakfast in The Hague. This location has a very luxurious appearance and is completely designed in the theme of (BD)SM.

Practical information


With every booking the gigolo comes to you. He shall visit you at a hotel or other private occasion, this can also be your own residence. It is not possible to visit him on his home or work address. While making the booking or placing a reservation with us, you will provide us the location. We make sure that de man of your dreams will arrive on time and discretely to the location you provided. At all times, the arrival and departure of the gigolo will be discrete. He will always dress himself properly. He wears neat pants with a suiting shirt and over that a blazer or a coat, unless you wish something else. He shall, if you want this, won’t step out in front of your door.


Our gentlemen are always fully prepared. They will always have the stuff you will need. Think of condoms, massage oil, lubricant, and such. Do you have something special in mind? You can always bring it with you and discuss it with the gigolo.

Do you like to experiment with toys? Please keep in mind that they always have to be new and, in the box, when using it with the high-class escort gigolo. Our gigolos always bring a standard pack of sex-toys you can use if wanted. With additional payment, the gigolo can bring attributes and fitting clothing with him (+ €100,-).

The end of the night

If the evening is coming to its end (the last quarter), Mr. Perfect will call the gigolo to indicate that the booking is almost over. In case you would like to enjoy a bit more time with him, you could extend the booking. You can tell the gigolo with how many hours you would like to extend. He will arrange this with us. The payment for extension however, has to be completed directly. If you do not wish to extend, he will make himself ready to leave and he will be the first leaving the location.

Tips for an ultimate Fifty Shades of Perfect Experience

  • Let us know your preferences: does certain behaviour arouse you? Do you have preferences for a certain attribute or do you have another fantasy you would like to see fulfilled? Let us know. We would love to help you!
  • We will assist you in making the perfect match. We combine your wishes together with the qualities of our high-class gigolos to ensure the perfect match. 
  • Take enough time to prepare for this experience! Think of a fitting location, attributes, clothing, and gather information.

Do you have questions regarding the rates or payment options?


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