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International bookings


A business trip, holiday, a weekend trip, romantic dinner or a cultural trip is much more fun with two. We offer you the possibility to experience an unforgettable adventure with one of our fantastic gentlemen. The possibilities are endless. Mr. Perfect would like to know your wishes.

Most high-class gigolos are available for international bookings for inside and outside Europe. Mr. Perfect represents only men who are not working full time as gigolo’s, that’s why it is advisable to book a travel with your gigolo way in advance. It is nice for the gigolo to have enough time to prepare himself optimally.

Our gigolos really appreciate an international booking, because in this way they can build a mental connection with you since you are spending a lot of time together. If you are spending more time together, your conversations will be more intimate and this will pay off once you are getting intimate with each other. A real connection will arise between you two, one that will be enjoyed fully.

Terms and conditions

A minimum of 40% deposit of the booking cost and full traveling costs is required. The deposit can only be done by bank. Once we received the deposit, we will book the tickets and prepare further (travel) arrangement. The remaining amount has to be received by us at least 48 hours before the booking. Please keep in mind that that on all (travel) expenses 21% (tax) is added, all of our received money has to be considered as revenue and therefore it is being taxed with 21%. For international bookings of 24 hours or more, the high-class gigolo of your choice has to have a minimum of two hours free time a day. He also has to be reachable to us at all times. It is also customary that the gigolo gets at least 6 hours sleep per night and gets at least three meals a day at your expense. Keep in mind that all our gentlemen only travel to places where our Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given a positive travel advice for.

Within Europe

The minimum duration of the booking within Europe always depends on the location and means of travel. We apply a minimum booking duration of 8 to 12 hours for most European destinations. Please keep in mind that if the gigolo has no possibility of traveling back to The Netherlands on the same day, he would have to be booked for minimally one night.

Outside of Europe

The minimum duration of the booking for international bookings outside of Europe is 24 to 48 hours. The duration depends on the location and traveling time. For bookings outside of Europe, the gigolo has to travel by plane. Preferably, the flight is direct. If this is not possible, we choose a flight with a minimum of connection flights. For direct flight of 8 hours, Economy Class will suffice. For flights longer than 8 hours, a Business Class or First Class is required.

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