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Swingers club & other erotic parties

Enjoy a night full of excitement and temptation

For this package a minimum of 3 hours is required

Starting from €750,-

Swing, dance, play, fantasize, drink, and enjoy a night out with one of our high-class gigolos in an exciting an erotic environment. You can explore all your fantasies and sexual desires during these kind of nights in a safe and erotic environment. There are often different rooms and interiors on these locations, so that you can fully emerge in the moment. These parties are available to man-wife couples and single women. We can imagine that you might not have the right partner or you don’t prefer to go alone. Therefore, Mr. Perfect would love to assist you in choosing the right man for this erotic experience.

Our high-class gigolos only go to exclusive couples’ and swingers’ clubs and luxurious erotic parties. For this booking we apply a minimal duration of 3 hours. Of course, it is also possible to experience this lovely night with more than one gigolo, the more the merrier.

Clubs: Fun4Two, Fata Morgana

Erotic parties: Madame Homard, Little Sins, Killing Kittens, Caviar de la Nuit, Societe X and Big Little Secrets. If you would like to visit other parties or clubs, we would like to hear that.

Practical information

Transportation & Arrival

The high-class gigolo always comes to you. You have to provide us the meeting location and we will make sure the gigolo will arrive on time. This location can be your hotel room or a nearby bar to get to know each other first before starting the erotic partying. The transportation from and to the party location has to be arranged by you. When you arrive together at the club, you will have to pay the entry fee for both of you. If the tickets have to be bought beforehand, Mr. Perfect can assist you with that. The costs of the tickets have to be made minimally 24 hours before the start of the party. Always bring a valid proof of identification. This could be requested.

During the night

It can happen that you meet someone who you would like to have a threesome with. It can also happen you would like to have a foursome or even more. It is important that you both consent and take pleasure in it. Discuss the wishes and expectation of the gigolo and make sure they match with yours.


Our gentlemen are always fully prepared. They will always have the stuff you need for a wonderful night. The gentlemen always bring condoms, massage oil, lubricant, and such. If you have specific wishes or ideas, you can let us know and we will ensure a fitting date!

The end of the night

If the evening is coming to its end (the last quarter), Mr. Perfect will call the gigolo to indicate that the booking is almost over. In case you would like to enjoy a bit more time with him, you could extend the booking. You can tell the gigolo with how many hours you would like to extend. He will arrange this with us. The payment for extension however, has to be completed directly. If you do not wish to extend, he will prepare himself and you will leave the location together. You will bring him back to the location where you had met and say goodbye.

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