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frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I book a high-class gigolo with Mr. Perfect?

We of Mr. Perfect happily welcome you as our new customer. You might already have your eyes set on one of our gigolos? If not, you could take a look at the profiles we have of our gigolos. Do you find it hard to make a decision? We are happy to help you and give advice with your choice.

You can book with us by e-mailing to info@mr-perfect.nl or by calling us on or + 31 6 25 25 60 46. At all times, you can visit our website and book through our booking form online.

How long will it take for the high-class gigolo to see me? Can I make a ‘last minute’ booking?

Of course, we are happy to help you also with ‘last minute’-bookings. It depends on your location at that moment if we can fulfil your last-minute booking. Next to that, it also depends on if the gigolo in question is available at your designated time. All of our gigolos have other jobs or are studying next to the gigolo service, and therefore it is possible she could not be available at your last-minute request. In this case, we would recommend you a similar choice.

In case the gigolo you wish is available, he could be with you within 60 minutes after booking. Obviously, depending on your location at the moment. In the confirmation of your booking, we will inform you immediately the arrival time of the gigolo you have chosen. Attention: you could only make a last-minute booking by phone.

Attention: for last-minute bookings, you can only place a last-minute booking by phone.

How can I book extra time with the high-class gigolo (extend the hours)?

If you wish to extend the time you can inform the gigolo, and he will contact Mr. Perfect to pass on the request. We would like to know how long you would like to extend the service. Extra hours should be paid directly, through bank transfer, bank request, in cash or by card (only if the gigolo holds on to a payment terminal).

Is it possible to book another high-class gigolo on an existing booking?

Of course, this is possible! Booking one or more gigolos on an existing booking is not a problem. Contact us.

Can I directly contact one of the high-class gigolos?

Because of the privacy of our gigolos, it is not possible to directly contact or remain in contact with one of our gigolos. It is not allowed to exchange personal information or asking the gigolo’s personal information. Respect him and his privacy. Also, it is safer for you as well. 

Is there a limit regarding the travel time of the high-class gigolos?

Most gigolos working at Mr. Perfect love to travel and prefer to travel the whole world. When and how far the gigolo in question can travel depends on his availability. That is why we advice you to book well ahead if you are on a location further than 150 km outside his residence. If a gigolo has to travel far, you should keep in mind that travel expenses will be charged, and you make the booking at a minimum of 3 to 4 hours beforehand. For travels abroad, different rules apply for which you need to contact us.

International bookings

Travel expenses depend of the location you would like to invite the gigolo. If you would like to make a booking where a gigolo has to travel abroad, (flight)tickets will be charged. Other travel expenses include, taxi costs to and from the airport. Also, a compensation will be charged for the travel time the gigolo makes, which we will determine based on the type of booking and the travel time. We will always give a price quotation beforehand, so you know how much you will be charged and don’t have to face unwanted surprises.

Travel expenses for the Netherlands and Belgium

The travel expenses are € 0,50 cent per km.

What do I get for the price I pay?

You will always get the full amount of time for what you have paid for. If you paid for 2 hours, the gigolo will stay for 2 hours. The booking starts when the gigolo arrives at your location. Of course, it is possible to have the gigolo leave earlier if you wish, for whatever reason that may be.


Our gigolos always wear neat pants with a suiting shirt and over that a blazer or a coat. Do you have other clothing wishes? Or additional sexual wishes? Let us know. Personal preferences will be discussed with the gigolo, so that you can enjoy a wonderful time together. Naturally, our men will do everything they can to create a pleasant experience together. Please keep in mind that our gigolos practice a safe sex policy.

How can I make use of extra services?

All of our gigolos offer the BFE: Boyfriend Experience which you will experience with them. You can choose for an extra service to add a little more tension during the time together. It depends on the gigolo if he will provide the requested extra service. You can check their profiles to see which extra services each of them provide. Do you have your ideal night in mind? Contact us and we will find you the perfect fit.

“Magic Mike” € 50,-
A-Level  € 50,-
Tantra Experience  € 50,-
Fetish & Fantasy € 50,-
Role play € 50,-

Will my personal information be handled in a discrete way?

We understand that you would prefer to remain anonymous and that is why we handle your personal information in a discrete way. Your personal information will not be shared with anybody. We guarantee complete privacy of your information. Of course, our gigolos are as discrete as we are. They will arrive in a discrete way, in order for nobody to see that he is an gigolo. Also, our gigolos prefer to remain anonymous, and therefore we ask you kindly not to ask personal details about the gigolos such as, their real name, address, phone number, or other traceable information.

Where is Mr. Perfect located?

All gigolos working at Mr. Perfect only do so-called ‘out-calls’. This means that the lady will come to you, and not the other way around. Therefore, you need to ensure you have a location to receive the gigolo. This could be a hotel room, a rented apartment or house, or your home. Because our gigolos only do ‘out-calls’, we don’t release our business address. We do have an office address near Amsterdam.

What are the rates?

These rates apply for bookings made beforehand and for extending bookings within the first 30 minutes of your existing booking. Otherwise, the standard rate of € 250, – per hour will be charged.

Hours Price for 1 gigolo  Price for a couple Price for 2 gigolos
2 550 600 1100
3 750 800 1500
4 950 1000 1900
5 1150 1200 2300
6 1350 1400 2700
7 1550 1600 3100
8 1750 1800 3500
12 | Overnight stay 2200 2250 4400
16 | Overnight stay 2300 2350 5500
24 3150 3200 6300
Extra hours 250 275 500
Extra day 1200 1300 2400

How can I pay?

The following payment methods are accepted: in cash (Euro’s), bank transfer or bank request. Payment information is found on our website under ‘Rates’. Here you will find our banking information.

What rules (etiquette) apply for me?

We would be happy to see the booking going smoothly for you and the gigolo. We refer to our customer etiquette, which can be founded on our website. If you have further questions regarding this, please contact us. 

How can I cancel my booking?

Of course, we understand it could happen that something interferes with your booking and you may want to cancel it. Just keep in mind that we at Mr. Perfect regard the same norms and values as with other businesses in other sectors. Our gigolos are making their time free for you and we expect you to hold up to your end as well. If something does interfere and you want to cancel the booking or reschedule, please contact us by phone. We don’t charge extra for the cancelation of the booking if you do this max. 4 hours before the booking should be started. If the gigolo is already on his way to you, we are required to declare € 100, – for the compensation of the gigolo’s time and travel expenses.

When do I have to pay agreed amount?

If you choose to pay with bank transfer, you need to pay the costs of the booking at least 2 hours before the booking. You can transfer the money to our bank account on name of Simply Services NL52INGB0009485878. If you choose to pay in cash, you need to put the full amount in an envelope and hand over to the gigolo within the first 15 minutes of the booking. It is not possible to pay on location with your debit or credit card. A pay request should be paid immediately, we will notify you once we received the amount.

From what age can I book a high-class gigolo with Mr. Perfect?

The minimum age for making a book is 18 years old. We don’t have a maximum age.

Are the photo’s recent and unedited?

Mr. Perfect only represents gigolos that take good care of themselves and have a charismatic appearance. The images are only edited minimally. What you see is what you get. All of our gigolos get a professional photo-shoot once a year, so the photos are up-to-date.

Is it possible to meet with a gigolo outside of the business hours?

That is possible for sure! The booking however, should be made during our business hours.

How can I make an international booking?

Different rules apply for international bookings. More information regarding international bookings is founded on our website under ‘International’.

I don’t see my question…

If you don’t see your question, please contact us. Call us on + 31 6 25 25 60 46 or send us an e-mail to info@mr-perfect.nl


Tel: + 31 6 25 25 60 46

WhatsApp: + 31 6 25 25 60 46

Email: info@mr-perfect.nl

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