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Dinner date

Enjoy a culinary evening together

Starting from €800,-

A Dinner Date is the perfect way to get know each other more intimately. Our high-class gigolos really appreciate a Dinner Date, because in this way they can make a connection with you mentally. This will pay off later when you will raise the tension between each other and feel the connection you have built up together.

Mr. Perfect can also make a reservation in one of the many wonderful restaurants in the Netherlands. If you let us know your wishes, we will arrange everything and find a suiting location. This service also includes the hotel where you will head together with the high-class gigolo. We offer a reduced rate for this arrangement, because you would have to spend a minimum of 2 hours of the booking in a public location.

Practical information


Our gentlemen are always fully prepared. They will always have the stuff you need for a wonderful night. The gentlemen always bring condoms, massage oil, lubricant, and such. Do you have something special in mind? You can always bring it with you and discuss it with the gigolo. If you have specific wishes or ideas, you can let us know and we will ensure a fitting date.


With every booking the gigolo comes to you. He shall visit you at a hotel or other private occasion, this can also be your own residence. It is not possible to visit him on his home or work address. While making the booking or placing a reservation with us, you will provide us the location. We make sure that de man of your dreams will arrive on time and discretely to the location you provided. At all times, the arrival and departure of the gigolo will always be discrete. He will always dress himself properly. He wears neat pants with a suiting shirt and over that a blazer or a coat, unless you wish something else. He shall, if you want this, won’t step out in front of your door.


The transportation from the restaurant to the hotel and back is on you. The gigolo will come to the location of your wishes. This can be the hotel where you go after dinner or directly to the restaurant. If you only wish to dine with him, he will come to the location of the restaurant. For only dining we apply a reduced rate of €200,- per/hour with a minimum of 3 hours (Companionship Only). More info about this is found on our website under the rates.

The end of the night

If the evening is coming to its end (the last quarter), Mr. Perfect will call the gigolo to indicate that the booking is almost over. In case you would like to enjoy a bit more time with him, you could extend the booking. You can tell the gigolo with how many hours you would like to extend. He will arrange this with us. The payment for extension however, has to be completed directly. If you do not wish to extend, he will make himself ready to leave and he will be the first leaving the location.

Overnight stay

It happens that you have booked a room or another location for the whole night, but you are not intending on staying the night. By all means, you can offer the room to the gigolo, but our high-class gigolos can’t accept an overnight stay in the room without a booking that explicitly includes overnight stay agreed with Mr. Perfect.

*A Dinner Date is booked with a minimum of 4 hours and is also available for couples.

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