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Terms and Conditions Mr. Perfect

Terms and Conditions Mr. Perfect

The customer accepts the following terms and conditions by making use of the services of Mr. Perfect.

Section 1 – Provisions

  1. High-class gigolo: the engaged persons by Mr Perfect with a minimum age of 21, who provide services during booking. These persons are represented by Mr. Perfect at all times. 
  2. Customer: legal person as well as natural person with a minimum age of 18 who wishes to engage in a booking agreement with Mr. Perfect or has already come to a booking agreement. 
  3. Parties: Mr. Perfect and Customer together. 
  4. Mr. Perfect: company registered in the commercial register as Simply Services BV.
  5. Website: the website of Mr. Perfect, known as mr-perfect.nl 
  6. Booking: an agreement of order, provided services, and all other agreements between the Customer and Mr. Perfect, including the Booking of an Arrangement.
  7. Arrangement/Experience: a set of provided services on the basis of the Customer’s wishes and in consultation with Mr. Perfect.
  8. Booking Confirmation: a confirmation of Mr. Perfect to the Customer where the arrangements between the parties with respect to the booking are defined.
  9. Booking Request: every request of the Customer to Mr. Perfect made via the website, e-mail, phone or any other means of communication in which the Customer, in the opinion of Mr. Perfect, intends to make use of the services of Mr. Perfect.  

Section 2 – Applicability 

  1. These terms and conditions are applicable to all offers made or already done by Mr. Perfect as well as to all bookings and related legal relations. Deviations from this are only valid insofar as these have been explicitly approved in writing by Mr. Perfect.
  2. Mr. Perfect is entitled at all times to adjust the content of these conditions and modify unilaterally. 
  3. The applicability of any terms and conditions that the Customers may use is expressly ruled-out. 
  4. At the time of realization of every booking, the Customer is deemed to have agreed with the exclusive applicability of these terms and conditions, unless parties come explicitly in writing to other agreements. 
  5. If one or more of the provisions in these terms and conditions are void or destroyed, the other provisions remain fully applicable. Mr. Perfect and the Customer will then enter into consultation in order to agree on new provisions to replace invalid provisions or provisions that have been cancelled, whereby the purpose and intent of the original provision will be observed if and insofar possible.
  6.  The Customer who has already made a Booking with Mr. Perfect is deemed to implicitly agree with the applicability of the terms and conditions to subsequent and/or additional Bookings and/or services concerned to the Customer. 

Section 3 – Company

Mr. Perfect is a completely legal International High Class Gigolo Service. The gigolo’s are selected carefully by Mr. Perfect and do their jobs with the respected Booking out of free will. In accordance with the Dutch legislation, all our Gigolo’s are 21 years old or older. 

Section 4 – The realization of the Booking 

  1. All offers or offers made by Mr. Perfect are without obligation, unless states otherwise in the offer and its acceptance. 
  2. A Booking is only made when Mr. Perfect has explicitly accepted the Booking Request. In the event of a binding offer, the Booking in concluded at the time of acceptance by the Customer. The Mr. Perfect Booking Confirmation is deemed to be accurate and complete.
  3. The Booking is replaced and replaces all previous proposals, correspondence, agreements or other communication.
  4. At all times, Mr. Perfect is allowed to decline a Bookings Request without giving any reason. 

Section 5 – Bookings

  1. Upon receipt of a Booking Request, Mr. Perfect will endeavour to coordinate as much as possible between the Customer and the Gigolo, in order to offer the Customer, the best possible experience in executing the Booking. 
  2. Mr. Perfect reserves the right to provide a gigolo with security in any form.
  3. Bookings have a minimum duration of 2 hours. 
  4. Bookings are only executed in a hygienic living space, a built real estate, or a hotel/accommodation with a level of at least four hotel stars. 
  5. The Customer commits himself to maintain a high degree of personal hygiene when participating in a Booking. This results, but not exclusively, in an obligation to use a condom if there is sexual contact during the executing of a Booking. Even so, the Customer is not permitted to suggest/force the Gigolo to refrain from using a condom in the event of sexual contact during the execution of a Booking. 
  6. All Bookings which are performed by a Gigolo(‘s) Mr. Perfect, are only fulfilled under the Safe Sex policy as stated by Mr. Perfect on the website.
  7. During a Booking, the Customer must:
  • Ensure that the Gigolo at arrival, at the end and during the Booking, if necessary is reachable for Mr. Perfect with regards to payments of the Booking, as well as the wellbeing and the safety of the Gigolo;
  • Refrain from any possession of drugs in any form;
  • Refrain offering drugs in any form to the Gigolo, with exception of alcoholic beverages. The Customer is also not allowed to induce the Gigolo to accept and/or use the drugs offered in any form.
  • Respectfully behave towards the Gigolo and respect her limits.8. The Customer behaves with respect to the Gigolo when participating in the Booking and in accordance with the terms and conditions, which are applicable to every Booking (Request). At all times, the Customer is not allowed to force the Gigolo to engage in actions against her will or actions not specified by the Booking, or to be in conflict with the law applicable in the country where the Booking is performed.
    9. At all times, the Customer refrains (any attempt) to mislead, intimidate, and/or acting or neglecting that would jeopardize the safety of Mr. Perfect and/or its performing Gigolo’s. 

If the Customer has spent time with a Gigolo without the intermediation of Mr. Perfect and in violation of the provisions set forth in Section 5.9, the Customer will immediately owe the hours enjoyed in accordance with the standard prices as stated on the Website without applying any discount to Mr. Perfect, and an additional fine equal to twice the amount due. 

Section 6 – International Booking

  1. The same applicability of the terms and conditions on regular Booking applies to International Booking, unless otherwise specified in section 6.
  2. A Booking Request for International Booking within Europa has to be received by Mr. Perfect at least 24 hours prior. And for an International Booking outside of Europe the Booking Request has to be received by Mr. Perfect at least 48 hours prior.
  3. The minimum duration of booking outside of Europe depends on the location and means of travel. For most European cities a minimum duration of booking of 8 to 12 hours applies. If it is not possible for the Gigolo to return the same day, the Gigolo has to be booked for the night. 
  4. A minimum duration of booking for destinations outside of Europe is 24 to 48 hours. 
  5. After receiving the Booking Request for an International Booking, Mr. Perfect will review the travel destination based on general applied positive travel advice, safety of the destination, experiences with the destination, and consultation with the designated Gigolo. After a positive review by Mr. Perfect, the Customer will receive a Booking Confirmation by Mr. Perfect. 
  6. The means of transportation for the Gigolo will be paid and looked at per case. 
  7. A 40% deposit for the whole trip and accommodation sum, including mediation fee is mandatory for every International Booking. This deposit can only be done by bank.
  8. As soon as Mr. Perfect receives the amount, she will begin making reservations, book and plan the International Booking. 
  9. The remaining amount equal to 60% of the total sum has to be paid to Mr. Perfect at least 48 hours before the Gigolo’s arrival. All tickets, visa, and other travel expenses are multiplied by 21%, since all our money received is considered as revenue, thus charged with 21% tax. 
  1. For International Bookings with a maximum travel time of 4 hours, counted from Amsterdam and with a passenger car, the Gigolo can travel by car or train, unless traveling by plane is cheaper and easier for the planned destination. For destinations with a minimum travel time of 4 hours, the Gigolo shall exclusively travel by plane. Up to 8 hour flights, the Gigolo can fly with Economy Class. For destinations with flights of 8 hours or more, the Gigolo shall always fly Business or First Class. Flight will always, if possible, booked without layovers.
  2. The Customer ensures during the International Booking the Gigolo to:
  • be reachable at all times for Mr. Perfect;
  • have at least 3 meals a day on the Customer’s expense;
  • have the opportunity and privacy to have at least one call a day with Mr. Perfect.
  • have at least 2 hours a day of free time to spend however she wants with an International Booking of 24 hours or more, for which privacy and opportunity are offered. 
  • have at least 6 hours of sleep a day with an International Booking of 24 hours or more. 

Section 7 – Cancellation or changes by Mr. Perfect

  1. At all times, Mr. Perfect is allowed to cancel or change a Booking if:
  • a Gigolo cannot be present at the Customer’s requested location and/or on time;
  • the Customer’s requested location is not available;
  • in the opinion of Mr. Perfect, the identity/integrity and/or safety of a Gigolo cannot be guaranteed;
  • the Customer does not meet the agreed conditions of the Booking within (the agreed term(s)), or if there are substantiated reasons that lead to the Customer not meeting the agreed conditions; 
  • the circumstances arise where it cannot reasonably be expected of Mr. Perfect to meet its obligations in accordance with the Booking.
  1. In case of change or cancellation pursuant section 7.1, Mr. Perfect will initiate contact with the Customer as soon as possible.
  2. If and insofar the Booking can only happen under the changed conditions, the Customer is allowed to cancel the Booking free of charge.
  3. In case the Booking is cancelled pursuant section 7, Mr. Perfect nor the Gigolo is liable for any direct or indirect damage or expenses of the Customer. 

Section 8 – Cancellation or changes by the Customer

  1. In case of changes or cancellation of the Booking by the Customer, he will contact Mr. Perfect as soon as possible.
  2. Mr. Perfect and the Gigolo’s only have an effort obligation with respect to the conditions of the Booking. If the Gigolo does not meet one or more of the Customer’s expectations, this does not give the right for the Customer to cancel or change the Booking. The Customer only has the right to change if the Customer’s unfulfilled expectations relate to the Gigolo’s personality or appearance and the Customer has informed Mr. Perfect of his dissatisfaction within 10 minutes of the start of the Booking in the Netherlands. In that case, Mr. Perfect has an obligation to make an effort to propose a realistic solution that is suitable for both parties and to change the Booking accordingly. 
  3. If and insofar the changes of the Booking by the Customer concerns the Gigolo, the time or location, Mr. Perfect only has the effort obligation to adjust the Booking in accordance with the desired changes, or offer an alternative. Nevertheless, Mr. Perfect reserves the right to cancel the Booking. 
  4. Changes with regard to the implementation of the services during the Booking are only possible if the Gigolo explicitly agrees to this. If and insofar as these changes entail additional costs, these must be paid prior to the start of the Booking. 
  5. A delay in the arrival of the Gigolo up to 30 minutes on the agreed location, caused by transportation problems, does not give the Customer the right to cancel the Booking. With a delay of more than 30 minutes, the Customer is allowed to cancel the Booking by phone free of charge, unless the Booking has been made less than 4 hours before. 
  6. The Customer is allowed up to 24 hours prior to the Booking, to cancel the Booking by e-mail or phone free of charge. 
  7. With cancellations within 4 to 24 hours prior to an International Booking, the Customer is charged with €500, -. 
  8. Deposits are not returnable. Mr. Perfect keeps the deposit for the next future Booking and will settle the deposit with the next payment.

Section 9 – Prices and/or price changes

  1. All standard prices quoted by Mr. Perfect are available on the Website. These prices are shown in euros, including turnover tax (VAT) and excluding other government imposed levies. 
  2. For prices regarding Arrangements, the Customer has to contact Mr. Perfect. This is with regards to the implementation of the conditions of the designated Arrangement. The Website only displays the ‘starting from’ prices. 
  3. The price quoted by Mr. Perfect for the Booking applies exclusively to the services in accordance with the agreed specifications. 
  4. Discounts as stated on the Website are only applicable if prior agreed upon with Mr. Perfect and confirmed in the Booking Confirmation. 
  5. Mr. Perfect reserves the right to increase the price in case of an increase in one or more cost factors and/or costs that are necessary and/or relevant for the execution of the Booking. 
  6. Costs that have to be made by Mr. Perfect or the Gigolo in order to fulfil the (additional) Customer’s wishes, will be charged to the Customer. 
  7. Any additional wishes of the Customer to the agreed Booking in accordance with the Booking Confirmation, which necessitates Mr. Perfect to perform more work and/or increase costs than it could reasonably expect when entering into the Booking, are grounds for an increase in the agreed price. 
  8. Price changes on the basis of section 9.5 and 9.6 do not give the Customer the right to wholly or partially dissolve the Booking. 

Section 10 – Payments I

    1. All payments have to be made prior, or directly at the start of the Booking, unless otherwise in writing agreed upon.
    2. In case of a Booking of an Arrangement, the Customer must, upon receipt of the Booking Confirmation, immediately pay Mr. Perfect the entire cost of the Arrangement in question by transfer to a bank account designated by Mr. Perfect. 
    3. Mr. Perfect only accepts cash payments in euros. 
    4. Also, Mr. Perfect accepts payments via credit card through a mobile pin device. Payments with credit card are charged with an extra 10% of the total owed amount.
    5. If a Booking is cancelled by Mr. Perfect, because there are well-founded reasons that the Customer endangers the safety of Mr. Perfect or her engaged Gigolo’s, or threatens to reveal the identity of one or more Gigolo’s, or the image of Mr. Perfect will be damaged, the Customer is not entitled to a refund and the Customer will be charged the full amount.  
    6. If an International Booking or a Booking of an Arrangement is cancelled by the Customer, the Customer must pay Mr. Perfect the incurred costs. These costs are not eligible for a refund. 
    7. In case the Customer on his own initiative does not make use of services which are paid for, these costs are not eligible for a refund. 
  • If the Customer is entitled to a refund of any paid amount in relation to a cancelled Booking, the refund will be processed within 5 days after that particular Booking to the Customer’s designated bank account.
  • If the Customer has not paid the amount in advance and not directly at the start of the Booking, the by Mr. Perfect engaged Gigolo is entitled to cancel the Booking or to refuse it in advance at the request of Mr. Perfect. Furthermore, the Customer owes 50% of the total booking amount including travel costs if the Customer does not meet his payment obligations as stated in Section 10.1 and 10.2.

Section 10 – Payments II

  1. If Mr. Perfect receives a Booking Request from a first time Customer, Mr. Perfect is entitled to request the Customer, depending on the specific Booking, a deposit via bank of at least €150, -. This payment must come from the Customer’s bank account; this means that the name of the account holder must match de name of the Customer. 
  2. Furthermore, the Customer must ensure to let Mr. Perfect know, at least 3 hours before, that the Customer is present on the agreed location. 
  3. If, in the opinion of Mr. Perfect, the payment behaviour and/or the financial situation of a Customer gives rise to providing more security, Mr. Perfect is entitled to require the Customer to pay an additional advance by bank transfer. If the Customer fails to provide the required security, Mr. Perfect is entitled, undiminished to her other rights, to immediately suspend the further completion of the Booking and all that the Customer owes to Mr. Perfect is immediately due and payable. 
  4. If the court rules in favour of Mr. Perfect in legal proceedings, all costs incurred by Mr. Perfect in connection with this procedure will be charged to the Customer. 
  5. In all cases, Mr. Perfect has the right to claim specific performance and/or damage compensation in addition to the rights referred to in this section. 

Section 11 – Discretion 

  1. All information of a Customer that is in possession of Mr. Perfect as a result of its services, is treated in a discrete manner and will only be used for the execution of its services and the optimization of its future services. Her services include: identity verification, general investigation into public sources, and verification of the information provided by the Customer to the parties involved for the safety of one or more of the engaged Gigolo’s by Mr. Perfect. 
  2. No Customer information that is in possession of Mr. Perfect will be shared with third parties, unless Mr. Perfect is legally obliged. 
  3. If a Customer provides incorrect information regarding his identity, Mr. Perfect reserves the right to display this information on a so-called black list, and share it with law enforcement, in order to prevent any future false information regarding Bookings. 
  4. If a Customer contrary to the terms and conditions directly initiates contact with a Gigolo, attempt to make directly contact with the Gigolo, or exchanges contact information with the Gigolo, Mr. Perfect reserves the right to share the Customer’s information with third parties within the industry’s organization in order to warn them for such course of action by the Customer. 


Section 12 – Liability 

  1. Mr. Perfect is not liable for damage, unless there is intent or intended recklessness by Mr. Perfect. 
  2. Defects of any kind, disappointing experiences of the Customer, information on the Website or deviations with respect to the Website’s provided information, do not give the Customer the right to (damage) compensation and/or refunds.
  3. Furthermore, Mr. Perfect is not liable for any damage arising as a result of any acts contrary to section 5.5. Also, Mr. Perfect is not liable for damage related to items mentioned in section 5.5. 
  4. Any liability of Mr. Perfect is at all times limited to (possible) direct damage. Mr. Perfect is never liable for any indirect and/or consequential damage. 
  5. Any contractual or non-contractual liability of Mr. Perfect is limited to a maximum of 100% of the net amount of the work charged. 
  6. If Mr. Perfect is held liable by a third party in respect of any damage for which it is not liable under the Booking (including these terms and conditions), the Customer will indemnify it in full and reimburse Mr. Perfect for everything that has been paid to this third party and all related costs.

Section 13 – Guarantee

Subject to Mr. Perfect’ effort obligation as stated in the terms and conditions, Mr. Perfect does not give any guarantees to the Customer with regard to the Customer’s experience during the Booking. This is partly in view of the very personal experience that this service entails. 

Section 14 – Intellectual property

It is explicitly not permitted to use the marketing and/or sales materials and products designed by Mr. Perfect, including but not limited to the content of the Website as well as the working method, and other intelligence of Mr. Perfect, in the broadest meaning of the word, to reproduce, disclose or exploit, with or without the involvement of third parties, unless Mr. Perfect has given its explicit written permission for this. 

Section 16 – Applicable law

  1. The Dutch legislation is exclusively applicable on all Booking Requests and Bookings including these terms and conditions.
  1. Any disputes between Mr. Perfect and the Customer or third parties on the basis of a Booking Request or Bookings including these terms and conditions, will be submitted to the competent court of the district of North-Holland located in The Netherlands. 


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