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These rates apply for bookings made beforehand and for extending bookings within the first 30 minutes of your existing booking. Otherwise, the standard rate of € 250, – per hour will be charged.

Hours Price for 1 man Price for a couple Date with 2 men
2 600 650 1200
3 800 850 1600
4 1000 1050 2000
5 1200 1250 2400
6 1400 1450 2800
7 1600 1650 3200
8 1800 1850 3600
9 1950 2000 3900
10 2100 2150 4200
11 2250 2300 4500
12 2400 2450 4800
13 2550 2600 5100
14 2700 2750 5400
15 2850 2900 5700
16 2950 3000 5900
17 3050 3100 6100
18 3150 3200 6300
19 3250 3300 6500
20 3350 3400 6700
21 3450 3500 6900
22 3550 3600 7100
23 3650 3700 7300
24 3750 3800 7500
Extra Day 1600 1650 3200
Extra Hour 250 300 500

*All above prices are in Euros and included VAT

Extra services

Extra services
Price per booking
A-Level  50,-
Role play 50,-
Fetish & Fantasy 50,-
Tantra Experience 50,- per hour
“Magic Mike” 50,-

Companionship Only

Almost every of our gigolo’s provide companionship only service where there is no intimacy. For example, booking one of our gigolo’s for their glamorous presence on a (business) event or at a lunch/dinner. If you wish to make use of this service, we would like you to let us know when booking with us. Of course, you can contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss specific wishes. For Companion Only service applies a minimum of 3 hour booking with a standard rate of € 200, -.

Dinner Date

Get to know your high-class gigolo during a romantic dinner at one of the great restaurants founded in many places located in the Netherlands, before you get to enjoy each other privately in your hotel room or apartment. We apply a reduced rate for a dinner date, because a minimum of 2 hours is being spend in a public location. ***Also available for couples.

Starting from 4 hours (first 2 hours on a public location)

Dinner Date *from 4 hours
4 hours 750
5 hours 950

Travel expenses the Netherlands and Belgium

The travel costs for a gigolo are € 0,50 per kilometer. We charge these costs based on the kilometers from his place of residence to your desired destination (return trip). If you book several gigolo’s, the above applies per gigolo. For bookings outside the Netherlands, other travel costs apply, please contact us.

Payment methods


Are you booking a gigolo with Mr. Perfect for the first time? Keep in mind that we ask you to make a deposit of 25%. You can pay the deposit by bank transfer or you can choose a payment request. All funds are credited to Simply Services BV. Mr. Perfect terms such as ‘gigolo service’ are never mentioned.

Finally, you can choose to send the deposit by registered mail to our office. The shipping costs are for you. We are not liable for the loss and/or theft of your shipment. You must send us proof of the shipment to continue the booking.

In cash

We accept payments in cash in Euro’s. If you wish to pay in cash, you will need to put the cash in an envelope for the gigolo. Please hand over the envelope with cash within the first 15 minutes of your time together, so the gigolo doesn’t have to ask for it.

PayPal & Creditcard

You can pay with PayPal. Possible for complete payments or deposit. You can connect your creditcard in your personal PayPal account and pay with creditcard. For payments via PayPal or creditcard, we charge + 10%.

Bank transfer
You can also fulfil the payment through a bank transfer. We ask you to take into account the processing time with bank transfers of Dutch bank accounts is 1 business day, and of foreign bank accounts it takes up to 5 business days. The payment should be on the name of Simply Services, so it is not visible to what specific services we provide. The money has to be in our account before the booking starts.

Payment request
You can also pay through a payment request. You will receive a payment request via WhatsApp, and with this link you can easily transfer the money within minutes.

Banking information
Name of the bank: ING Bank
Name of our company: Simply Services BV
IBAN: NL52INGB0009485878

If you wish for an official invoice we could make one for you on your own name or on your company’s name. For privacy reasons, we refer a discrete and neutral company name on the invoice or credit card bill. You will never find the term ‘gigolo service’ on your invoice or bill.

Our gigolo’s don’t expect tips, however; they will be pleasantly surprised if you wish to tip him. All tips and presents are exclusively for the gigolo’s.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!


Tel: + 31 6 25 25 60 46

WhatsApp: + 31 6 25 25 60 46

Email: info@mr-perfect.nl

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