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Extra services


Foreplay is a very important part of being intimate together. Naturally, foreplay is included with all arrangements, except for Companionship Only. Discuss what you want like with the gigolo and he will treat you.

Boyfriend Experience (BFE)

All our high-class gigolos offer the Boyfriend Experience. The BFE is about being romantic, sensual, intimate, and passionate together. All our high-class gigolos are intelligent, charming, sweet, patient, eloquent, and very social. You could describe them as the perfect man. The BFE is about enjoying each other’s company and creating a real intimate connection with each other. The BFE is the basis of our service and is included in the price with every booking.


A-level, also known as anal sex could give both man and woman an extra dimension within the intimate moment you share. Would you want to experience this or have you done it before and you want to do it together with the gigolo? Let us know. Many of our gigolos have experience with anal sex. He will take his time for you to discover this together. We educate our gigolos to be real professionals. They will lead you entirely with the anal sex. We charge an extra €50,- for A-Level.

Erotic massage

Treat yourself with an erotic present and be treated with a lovely massage by one or more of Mr. Perfect’s high-class gigolos. Choose a relaxing or erotic massage to stimulate your body, mind, and senses. Techniques will be used during this massage that arouse and enforce desire. If you would like to have an erotic massage, you can notify that while making a booking. This service is included with every booking.

Tantra Experience

Tantric sex is centuries-old and entails ‘connecting and extending of energy’. It is a slow form of sex which increases intimacy and creates a spirit-body connection that could lead to powerful orgasms. Some of our gigolos master the ‘art of Tantra’ down to the last detail. However, if you are experienced with Tantric sex and would like to share your experiences with an inexperienced gigolo, no problem: ask us for the possibilities. Keep in mind that we charge an extra €50,0 for the Tantra Experience.

Fetish & Fantasy

Do you have a specific fantasy or ‘fetish’ and would want to make that a reality? The gentlemen of Mr. Perfect would love to make that happen. Let us know your wishes without shame and we will make those wishes reality. Mr. Perfect does a lot of matchmaking, we will make sure to find the perfect fit for you, so that together you will lose yourselves in the moment. Keep in mind that we charge an extra €50,- for Fetish & Fantasy.

Role play

Sometimes it is just delightful to escape reality and lose yourself in your fantasy. Role play is a good way of creating some extra tension. Do you ever fantasize about a fireman, policeman or a tough soldier that takes care of you? Or do you have other specific wishes? Make your wishes known to us and we will find you the perfect fit. Our gigolos would love to merge into one of your fantasies. Do you want to take advantage of this service? Please let us know 48 hours beforehand. In this way, our gigolos can prepare themselves completely. Keep in mind that we charge an extra €50,- for Role play.

“Magic Mike”

He looks at you very intimately, grabs your hand, and lets it go down on his muscled body. He dances sensually around you to make the tension rise. Nothing is so attractive as a man who knows how to dance! Some of our gigolos are really good in performing a striptease act. Lose yourself in this sensual and erotic dance act, exclusively for you! There are a couple of elements in his striptease show such as, dance, humour, teasing, and lap dance.

A strip act is only fun with music! Make sure to have speakers where the gigolo can connect his iPod or phone to. There also has to be a chair present without armrests, otherwise the lap dance is difficult to perform. Do you want the gigolo to wear something specific during the act? Please let us know minimally 48 hours beforehand. This arrangement costs an extra €50,-.

Special request

Is your wish or idea not here? Please contact us and ask us for the possibilities. We would love to help you!


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